About Us

Centennial City Councilmembers have heard from citizens through surveys, outreach efforts and conversations, the desire to support a stronger presence of arts, culture and history within Centennial.

Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation

In 2019, Centennial’s City Council supported the idea of exploring what that would look like in Centennial and how it might best fit into a model within our community. In the fall of 2019, Council convened a committee of community members to review how other municipalities supported arts and culture within their communities. They weighed the pros and cons of engaging as a city organized commission or to form an independent non-profit in order to partner with the community.

The committee of community members supported the idea of a non-profit foundation, run independent of the city and supported by community businesses and citizens. This group also created the initial outline of the by-laws, a mission statement and the name: The Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation.

In January of 2021, three Centennial City Councilmembers established the Centennial Arts and Cultural Foundation. Stephanie Piko, Tammy Maurer, and Kathy Turley initiated the legal establishment of this foundation and by summer of 2021 the foundation is ready to begin actively working in the community to:

Celebrate, Inspire, and Connect Art and Culture in Centennial.

CACF Documents Available Upon Request

Celebrate, Inspire, and Connect Art and Culture in Centennial


CACF is an independent non-profit established in 2021 and is not affiliated with the City of Centennial.